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My work method is based on several tools, three of which are specific to me:

A creative perspective:

-  Look, see, listen, hear, live, have fun, understand, ignore, dream…

-   Be creative imagine, construct ideas

The 100% creative tool. Used occasionally and associated with brainstorming sessions.

A Global view of the Project associated with Design Thinking: 

- Find the right balance between the expectations of the end-user, the market, production capacities, costs, quality, etc.

- Avoid the wrong compromises and turn constraints into opportunities…

- Know how to convert strong creativity into quality products.

This tool will give you original and realistic results, specific to you and perfectly suited to your company.

Advanced Design studies:

Anticipate to innovate. Answer fast correctly and master the subject. 

The advanced design tool will prepare the innovation, control it, and apply it to your future products.

These three tools are the fruit of my work and experience over more than twenty years.